Learn about the colors in the Spanish language.

Colors: spanish names and rules

Spanish Colors and their spanish translations
English nameSpanish name
white blanco
grey gris
black negro
brown marrón
blue azul
light blue celeste
red rojo
violet violeta
purple morado
green verde
pink rosa /rosado
orange naranja /anaranjado
yellow amarillo
gold dorado
silver plateado


When the idea of color is expressed by an adjetive (azul, amarillo, verde, rojo),the adjective must agree with the nouns they describe in both gender and number: las blusas rojas, los pantalones rojos, las hamacas verdes, los autos verdes.

When noun is used as a color (rosa, violeta, naranja), sometimes it is treated as a regular adjective, that is, it changes in number with the noun being described. But some speakers won't always agree. Thus, the pink shirts may be described as camisas rosas or camisas rosa, depending on the speaker.

Expand your knowledge: GARCIA NEGRONI, Ma. Marta (2011). ESCRIBIR EN ESPAÑOL. Claves para una corrección de estilo. Buenos Aires: Santiago Arcos editor.

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