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Estamos trabajando: estar + gerundio [ARTICLE]

Cuando queremos expresar que una acción está en progreso usamos: estar + gerundio.

Estar + gerundio [EXERCISE]

¿Qué están haciendo estas personas en este momento? Mira las fotos y selecciona la opción correcta.

Estar + gerundio [EXERCISE]

Completa con la forma conjugada de la perífrasis "estar + gerundio":

Practice the verbs SER/ESTAR with this exercise. [EXERCISE]

Complete with SER or ESTAR. You can click on boxes to mark a word used.

Let's see some common expressions with parts of the body! [EXERCISE]

In the text below you can find many expressions that include references to parts of the body. Rea...

Do this exercise and discover some common expressions with parts of the body. [EXERCISE]

Complete the sentence with a part of the body

Do you love music, and would like to use your passion for music to improve your Spanish? [EXERCISE]

Not only is music one of the most fun and effective strategies you can use to learn Spanish, but ...

Formal or Informal? Speak appropriately! [EXERCISE]

Choose the correct answer for each described situation (sometimes, more than one can be possible).

Lets do this exercise and know some idiomatic expressions. [EXERCISE]

In spanish, as in other languages, there are idiomatic expressions that include the parts of the...