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The Seasons in Spanish [EXERCISE]

Learn the spanish names and their pronunciation of the four seasons (las cuatro estaciones) and t...

Learning the Months of the year in Spanish [EXERCISE]

Learn, pronounce and practice the month names in Spanish. First of all listen with attention to e...

Practice Weekdays in Spanish [EXERCISE]

Match the spanish names with the english names.


Match the question with the correct answer.

What's he like? Adjetives for describing people. [EXERCISE]

Match the adjetive with the corresponding description. Use the mouse to drag and drop the boxes.

Where do they work? Let's know more about the jobs vocabulary. [EXERCISE]

Match each profession to where they work.

Let's see some common expressions with parts of the body! [EXERCISE]

In the text below you can find many expressions that include references to parts of the body. Rea...

Test your knowledge about parts of the body with this eassy exercise. [EXERCISE]

Match the words with the correct definitions

I´m…/Yo soy...How do you introduce yourself? Test your knowledge! [EXERCISE]

Sofía Rey nació en Buenos Aires, Argentina en 1976 pero vive en Nueva York hace más de 10 años. T...

Talking about past experiences. [EXERCISE]

Match the sentences on left with the corresponding explanation on right.